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Ellen Bledsoe Ellen is currently a Portal RA.
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Thomas Valone

Tom is the PI in charge of the collection of the long-term plant and ant datasets at Portal. His research interests include using the long-term data to examine diversity-stability relationships and using the experimental design to study the role of kangaroo rats in the recovery of arid grasslands from desertification.

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James Brown

Jim established the Portal Project in 1977 and has been the primary force behind the study for over 30 years. He now leaves getting dirty to Morgan and Tom, but he continues to collaborate on research projects.

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Morgan Ernest

Morgan is the PI in charge of the collection of the rodent, plant, and weather datasets. Her research interests include understanding how communities respond to perturbations such as climate fluctuations, habitat change, and the colonization and extinction of dominant species.

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Sarah Supp

Sarah is the current rodent RA in charge of the monthly rodent census. She is currently using the datasets to explore long-term dynamics of macroecological patterns.

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Glenda Yenni

Glenda is the Project Manager and a former rodent RA.

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Erica Christensen
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Renata Diaz
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Ginger Allington Ginger is the RA for the plant and ant censuses and helps to maintain the plant database. She works with Dr. Valone to explore long-term trends in the annual plant populations in response to rodent removals, biotic resistance to invasion, and the response of vegetation and soils to the removal of livestock from the site.
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Ethan White

Ethan is a regular collaborator with members of the Portal Project, using the data to help understand the dynamics of ecological communities. He also regularly uses the data in macroecological research projects.

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Mikaelle Giffen
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Katherine Thibault

Kate is a former rodent RA studying the complexities of rodent responses to precipitation and community-level responses to a new colonizing rodent species.